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Small Business


  • Kristi Bly :: BS, North Central College; business consultant and coach with Evolving Paths
  • David Eastman :: MS, Indiana University; experienced trainer and instructor
  • Debbie Schrager :: MBA, is an experienced and well-respected corporate trainer and college instructor

Promoting your Business or Services

Yes, we all know that marketing and advertising can be expensive.  Come in and find out how you can use free resources to publicize your business while hitting your target audience and becoming more visible.
You will leave this class with ideas on how to get the word out about your product or service, how to reach your target audience and how to make your business even more successful.

Instructor :: Debbie Schrager
4 hours :: 0.4 CEU

Power Networking

Everyone’s doing it, or they should be. But where do you start, and how exactly do you network? The answer is here.

In this compact, three hour session you will learn how to

  • Determine your natural networking style
  • Establish a powerful presence so you are ready to take advantage of all networking opportunities
  • Navigate networking events with confidence
  • Flex your networking style to match a variety of different venues and situations
  • Follow up once a connection has been made

Practical Natural Networking will give you the foundation you need to cultivate and maintain a wide network of both professional and personal contacts.

Instructor :: Kristi Bly
3 hours :: 0.3 CEU

Beyond Lip Service :: Customer Service that Makes Them Say “Wow”

Customers’ tastes, values and expectations are all changing. Today’s successful organizations do more than just mouth tired, worn platitudes that “the customer is always right.” They anticipate their customers’ needs and partner with them to create truly, memorable service opportunities. If you want to hear a resounding chorus of “Wow” from your customers, Beyond Lip Service is the place to begin.

  • What are the components of exceptional customer service?
  • What do your customers really want?
  • How can you manage your “moments of truth?”
  • How can you take each and every customer interaction from the level of a boring transaction to a dynamic emotional transformation?
  • What are the most effective ways to handle angry customers?
  • How can you convert customer complaints into increased customer loyalty?
  • How can you gain the position in your customers’ minds as their “partner of choice?”     

Instructor :: David Eastman
3 hours :: 0.3 CEU

Cool Head, Warm Heart :: Stress Management When the Heat is On

In today’s environment of constant change and upheaval, stress is almost a forgone conclusion. The questions then become not “How can we live stress-free lives?” but rather “How can we use stress for success?” Cool Head, Warm Heart teaches you how to do just that.

In this hands-on, highly interactive program, you will learn:

  • How self-management is the key to stress management
  • To identify and minimize external stressors in your life
  • To differentiate between what you can control and influence and what you can’t
  • A variety of cognitive strategies that will help you turn stress into positive motivation
  • A bevy of behavioral strategies that will keep you up when stress threatens to get you down
  • An arsenal of interpersonal strategies that will allow you to partner with others to beat stress together

The pace of life is faster. The choices in life are greater. The forces acting upon you are greater. Thus, it is more imperative than ever to respond to life with power and grace. To do so requires that you maintain both a cool head and a warm heart. This program will show you how.

Instructor :: David Eastman
3 hours :: 0.3 CEU