• Charles Hobson, PhD :: Purdue University; professor, management, Indiana University Northwest; over 20 years of training, consulting, and management development

Legal Aspects of Supervision

Know your legal responsibilities to be more effective with those you interview, hire, and manage. Includes an overview of applicable employment laws; and hiring, interviewing and performance appraisal guidance. Learn required documentation and recordkeeping.

3.5 hours :: 0.35 CEU

Stepping Up to Supervision

Designed for individuals looking to move into supervisory roles and experienced managers looking for a refresher course.

  • What Does a Supervisor Do?
    Perspectives on leadership roles, responsibilities, and skills.
  • Leadership Styles
    Assess leadership behaviors used when engaged in attempts to influence the actions and attitudes of others.
  • Communication Basics
    Obstacles and strategies to improve effectiveness.
  • Motivating Today’s Employees
    Powerful motivators for today and the future.
  • Doing Delegation
    Why does it fail? What is the leader’s role? What is the employee’s role?

6 hours :: 0.6 CEU

Coaching that Gets Results

Every supervisor wears many hats. One of your most important and powerful roles is as a coach. This workshop will provide you the basics of effective workplace coaching.

In one half-day, you will learn ::

  • The characteristics of every successful coach
  • How to teach and coach adult learners
  • Common mistake supervisors make when giving feedback
  • Guidelines for giving both positive feedback and for taking corrective action
  • How to encourage peer-to-peer positive feedback

Being an effective coach is not just a nice extraneous skill to have—it is at the heart of your job as a supervisor. Spend one afternoon with masterful coach, Charlie Hobson, and take your first steps towards coaching success.

3.5 hours :: 0.35 CEU