• Tom Force | Radio personality with over 40 years experience. Tom has taught and worked with aspiring voice actors for over 5 years, including a Voice Acting Master Class at Wayne State University, and has helped many reach their professional goals.

You’re On the Air (How to Really Make it in Voiceovers!

Voice-overs are hot today! You don't have to be an actor to get voice-over work, but it certainly doesn't hurt! With such notable talent as James Earl Jones, Linda Hunt, and Donald Sutherland lending their voices to commercials, films, and videos, one would think that it would be next to impossible to break into this field. Not so! In this class you'll learn about an exciting new way to get around the competition and actually turn voice-overs into a thriving full or part-time business!

Students will be introduced to the voice-over business as a whole, including the numerous opportunities, the income potential, and the all-important demo and how to have it produced. You'll step up to the microphone to do some practice recording and, best of all, hear the results!

2 hours

Mon. | Oct. 20 |  7-9 p.m.
South Bend     [online registration]