• Mark Cross | Completing BS in Applied Math; Math tutor at IU South Bend for three years; CRLA Certified Tutor 
  • Angela Stillson | MS, IU South Bend; experienced English Instructor

SAT Prep | Math

Review SAT math concepts which now include exponential growth, absolute values, functional notation, and negative and fractional exponents. Practice these concepts along with arithmetic, algebraic, and geometric concepts included on the test.

Note | Bring a calculator to class. [Calculators permitted during testing include graphing and scientific calculators.)

Textbook required; same book is used for SAT Math and English.

Instructor | Mark Cross
12 hours
$159 | both SAT classes for $285      [online registration

6 Tues. | Sept. 2-Oct. 7 | 6-8 p.m.
South Bend   

SAT Prep | English

Review the fundamentals of vocabulary, critical reading, and sentence completion. Be prepared for the essay portion by reviewing how to effectively develop and express ideas, how to present those ideas logically, and how to use precise language to do so.

Note | Homework is essential and expected. Bring a dictionary to class. Textbook required; same textbook is used for SAT Math and English.

Instructor | Angela Stillson
12 hours
$159 | both SAT classes for $285    [online registration]

6 Wed. | Sept. 3-Oct. 8 | 6-8 p.m.
South Bend         [online registration]