Building Positive Classroom Environments - What Works for Students Who Won't


Teachers who are hosting IU South Bend Field Experience Students


Professional development opportunity for PGP points -

5 sessions for 10 PGP points, 10 sessions for 20 PGP points.


Tuesday 6:00p – 8:00p and/or at your convenience on line.

Start date - Sept. 13/Sept.20


Education and Arts Building EA 1023


To provide approaches and support for teachers who are frustrated and/or facing challenges as they strive in turn to best support all students and create positive classroom relationships. The research-based content includes ideas and strategies research has shown to reduce disproportionality.  Topics include CR-PBIS, Restorative Justice and Circles Process, EMDR and A-Tip, and Mindfulness.


Register for Building Positive Classroom Environments here.

Introductory low price:

$25 fee for 5 sessions, $50 for 10 sessions.

Schedule – When you register, you will receive a confirmation email from the Professional Development department, which will also ask which sessions that you plan to attend, so we can prepare the class accordingly.