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Distance Learning Classes (Credit)

Distance Learning at Indiana University South Bend - learn anytime, anywhere and at your convenience. We offer an ever-expanding list of online courses designed for students who, for one reason or another, are unable to attend a course on-campus , or want to incorporate e-learning into their education .

What is distance learning? Students take their course online - communicating via email, phone, discussion forums and complete assignments they receive within their course site in Oncourse. Instructors may use a variety of activities and teaching methods in order to engage the students in a lively manner. As a student you may encounter an instructor who has video presentations to supplement textbook readings. Students will rarely, if ever, have to come to a campus in order to complete a course.

Take a look around the site - explore - make yourself at home. See what IU South Bend is doing with distance learning.

Online Professional Certificate Programs (Non-Credit)

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Focused, in-depth career certificates with learning outcomes related to industry standards. Online, comprehensive programs designed to provide the workforce skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions to many in-deman occupations and prepare students for national certifications.

There are over 50 online certificate programs available in the Allied Health, Computer-Internet, Business, Technical and construction industries. Each course is self-study with books and/or materials. An instructor, who is an expert in the field of study, is assigned to each course to answer student questions and problems. Learning outcomes relate to industry standards.

You must complete the program within six months. To register for these classes call 574-520-4261 (registration fee is non-refundable).

Online Short Courses (Non-Credit)

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Practical information you can put to immediate use in a short course format

Online courses that have a specific starting and ending date, although the lessons can be accessed anytime of day. Classes run for six weeks, with two lessons a week released to the student, for a total of 12 lessons.

Instructors design the course content and quizzes, participate in class discussions, answer student questions, and assign additional practice work.

Courses start the third Wednesday of each month.

Register online for these classes with credit card payment or call 574-520-4261 for payment information