Film Strip

Minor in Film Studies

IUSB offers a Film Studies minor. For each of these, students must complete the general requirements for their degrees, and in addition the following concentration requirements for Film Studies.

All courses below are 3 cr. hours unless otherwise designated. These courses may include additional time for viewing films.

Concentration Requirements (15 cr.)
Five of the following courses or other courses as designated in the Schedule of Classes are required. The minor or associate degree may include up to 6 credit hours at the 100-level. In addition, students seeking to apply a course with a more comprehensive theme to the minor should be able to show that a major portion of their work, such as a term paper or similar assignment, dealt directly with a Film Studies topic. The Film Studies Committee will review applications for substitutions.

  • CMLT C190 An Introduction to Film
  • CMLT C293 History of the Motion Picture I
  • CMLT C294 History of the Motion Picture II
  • CMLT C297 Film Genres
  • CMLT C310 Film Adaptations
  • CMLT C395 The Documentary Film
  • ENG W250 Writing in Context: Women in U.S. Films
  • ENG W260 Film Criticism
  • ENG W302 Screenwriting
  • FREN F391 Studies in French Film 
  • GER G370 German Cinema
  • HIST H225 Special Topics in History: American History through Film
  • SPAN S411 Spanish Culture and Civilization