21st Century Scholarship Renewal

Students who complete at least 30 credit hours per year have the best chance to graduate on-time. Therefore, completing 30 credit hours per year is required of 21st Century Scholars. The above 21st Century Scholarship assumes you have completed or will have completed at least 30 credit hours by the end of your first year in college/ 60 credit hours by the end of your second year in college/ 90 credit hours by the end of your third year in college. (Credits successfully completed during high school such as dual and AP credits do count towards the total completion requirement.) If you fail to successfully complete 30/60/90 credit hours but do complete at least 24/48/72 credit hours within the appropriate timeframe, you may be awarded a reduced state financial aid award.

Awards may be revised or withdrawn based on your credit completion, enrollment status, verification of your FAFSA performed by the college or other tuition-specific funding you may be receiving. In addition to other eligibility requirements, students must maintain the Satisfactory Academic Progress Grade Point Average (SAP GPA) and completion standards as determined by the institution in order to receive state financial aid. Indiana residency must be maintained by the student (and parent, if student is dependent) for the entire academic year to remain eligible for a state financial aid award.