Access Your One Account

Indiana University’s One web portal presents a single front door to online services for the IU community.

Students can view many important financial aid related topics.

  1. Log on to One at
  2. In the Search box enter Student Center.  Click on the Student Center application to open.
  3. On the left side of the page is your To Do List.  Click details to review.
  • Financial Aid will send you an email when holds and/or action items are placed on your "To Do List". Click details to review specific information requested. Items requested are placed in initiated status;  documents will be placed in received status upon receipt. When all documents are received the processing timeline will start. Holds and Items on your To Do List could be for Satisfactory Academic Progress, FAFSA Verification and other types of notifications.

       4. Click View Financial Aid under Finances Section

       5. Students may accept, decline, or adjust certain awards by following the steps below.

  • Log on to One at
  • In the Search box enter Student Center.  Click on the Student Center application to open.
  • Under finances select View Financial Aid or select Accept/Decline Awards
  • Click the appropriate Aid Year i.e. 2013
  • Click the award you wish to accept, decline, or adjust.
  • Click Submit button once the correct changes have been made

       6.  Financial Aid Award Summary will show the details of each award for the Academic Year and also each term. Click Loan Details to view the loan amount, loan fee and net amount. Note: Awards may be adjusted if your enrolled hours change.

       7.Click View Award Notification for an updated printable copy of your award letter.

        8. Click Financial Aid Need Summary

Financial Aid Need Summary will help you determine additional borrowing needs if you have a gap between aid awarded and cost of attendance. Take your Estimated Financial Aid Budget (Cost of Attendance) and subtract your total aid. This will give you your remaining Cost of Attendance and is the maximum amount you can borrow for PLUS or Private Loans.

        9. Click the dollar amount of your Estimated Financial Aid Budget i.e. 22,150 to view a breakdown of your budget for each term.

  • A breakdown of your budget will be helpful if submitting a Special Conditions Form when comparing your budget to your actual expenses.