Campus Wide General Education Courses in Fundamental Literacies and Contemporary Social Values

Click the highlighted semester for class times.   Not all courses offered every semester.

Fundamental Literacies


Spring      Summer        Fall           Eng W131 Elementary Composition

Spring      Summer        Fall           Eng W140 Honors Elementary Composition

Critical Thinking

Spring     Summer         Fall           Csci  C250   Discrete Structures

Spring     Summer         Fall           Eng W270    Augumentative Writing  (Restricted)

Spring     Summer         Fall           Hpsc X200   Scientific Reasoning

Spring     Summer         Fall           Phil P101     Philosophy in the Public Sphere

Spring     Summer         Fall           Phil  P102    Critical Thinking & Applied Ethics

Spring     Summer         Fall           Phil P105     Critical Thinking

Spring     Summer         Fall           Phil P110     Introduction to Philosophy

Spring     Summer        Fall            Phil P150     Elementary Logic

Spring     Summer        Fall            Phil  P250   Introductory Symbolic Logic

Spring     Summer        Fall            Pols Y201    Controversies in U.S. Politics

Spring     Summer        Fall            Psy P211    Methods in Experimental Psychology

Spring     Summer        Fall            Spch S228   Argumentation and Debate

Oral Communication

Spring     Summer      Fall              Spch S121   Public Speaking

Visual Literacy

Spring     Summer      Fall              Cmlt C190   Introduction to Film Studies

Spring     Summer      Fall              Cmlt C293   History of the Motion Picture I

Spring     Summer      Fall              Cmlt C294   History of the Motion Picture II

Spring     Summer      Fall               Cjus P424 Crime Mapping & Graphic Info Systems

Spring     Summer      Fall               Educ W200  Microcomputing for Education

Spring     Summer      Fall               Eng W315   Writing for the Web

Spring     Summer     Fall                Eng 367   Writing for Multiple Media

Spring     Summer     Fall                Fina A109   Ways of Seeing

Spring     Summer     Fall                Info I310  Multimedia Arts and Technology

Spring     Summer     Fall                Jour J210   Visual Communication

Spring     Summer     Fall                Nurs S485  Professional Growth & Empowerment (Restricted)

Spring     Summer     Fall               Thtr T228  Design for the Theatre

Quantitative Reasoning

                                                 Level 6 Math placement or:

Spring     Summer     Fall                Cjus K300  Statistical Techniques

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math K300 Statistical Techniques for Health Professions

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math K310   Statistical Techniques

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M111   Mathematics in the World

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M115   Pre-calculus & Trigonometry (5 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M118   Finite Mathematics

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M119   Brief Survey of Calculus I

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M125 Pre-Calculus Math (Must be taken with Math M126)

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M126  Trigonometric Functions (2 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M208  Technical Calculus I

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M209  Technical Calculus II

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M215   Calculus I  (5 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                Math M216   Calculus II (5 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                Nurs H355    Data Analysis in Clinical Practice & Health Care Research (Restricted)

Spring     Summer     Fall                Soc S351     Social Statistics

Information Literacy

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Coas Q110  Introduction to Information Literacy (1 cr.)

Computer Literacy

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Bus K201  The Computer in Business

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Csci A106   Introduction to Computing

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Csci A107   Programming within Applications (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                  Csci A201   Introduction to Programming (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Csci C101   Computer Programming I (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Csci C201   Computer Programming II  (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Fina P273   Computer Art and Design I

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Info I101   Introduction to Informatics (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Info I210   Information Infrastructure I (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Info I211   Information Infrastructure II  (4 cr.)

Spring     Summer     Fall                 Mus T120   Computer Skills for Musicians

Contemporary Social Values

Non-Western Cultures

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth A250   Anthropology in the Modern World

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth A385   Topics in Anthropology

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth E105    Culture and Society

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth E300    Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth  E310    Introduction to the Cultures of Africa

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth  E335   Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica

Spring     Summer     Fall                Anth  P398   The Rise of Civilization

Spring     Summer     Fall                Ealc E271     20th Century Japanese Culture

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Eng L382     Fiction of the Non-Western World

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Fina A307    Intro to Non-Western Art

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist C391   History of Medieval Near East

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist G358   Early Modern Japan

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist G369   Modern Japan

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist  H207   Modern East Asian Civilization

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist H237   Traditional East Asian Civilization

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Mus M375   Ethnic and Pop Music of the World

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Phil P283    Non-Western Philosophy

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Phil P374    Early Chinese Philosophy

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Pols Y107   Intro to Comparative Politics

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Pols Y109   Intro to International Relations

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Pols Y337   Politics of Latin America

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Pols Y343   Politics of International Development

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Rel R153    Religions of the East

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S362   World Societies and Cultures

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S460   Topics in Non-Western Cultures

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Span S275   Hispanic Culture and Conversation

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Tel R313    Comparative Media Systems

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Tel R404    Topical Seminar in Telecommunications (Latin America Cinema only)

Spring     Summer    Fall                 WGS W301   International Perspectives on Women

Diversity in U.S. Society

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Anth E380   Urban Anthropology

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Educ H340    Education and American Culture

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Eng E110      Diversity in U.S. Society

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Eng L379      American Ethnic and Minority Culture

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist A100     Issues in U.S. History

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist A310     Survey of American Indians I

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist A352     History of Latinos in the U.S.

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist A356     African-American History II

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist H105     American History I

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist H106     American History II

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Hist H260     History of Women in the U.S.

Spring     Summer    Fall                 LSTU L110    Labor and Society

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Pols Y327     Gender Politics in the U.S.

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Pols Y329     Racial and Ethnic Politics in the U.S.

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Psy  P391     Psychology of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Rel R160       Religion in American Culture

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S161     Principles of Sociology

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S163     Social Problems

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S306     Urban Society

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S316     Sociology of the Family

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S317     Inequality/Social Stratification

Spring     Summer    Fall                 Soc S338     Sociology of Gender Roles           

Spring     Summer    Fall                 SWK S102    Diversity in a Pluralistic Society

Spring     Summer    Fall                 WGS H260    History of Women in the U.S.

Spring     Summer    Fall                 WGS  P391   Psychology of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Spring     Summer    Fall                  WGS W100   Gender Studies

Health and Wellness    (Must take 2 credits to fulfill requirement.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                  Educ M359   Health & Wellness for Teachers (2 cr.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                  HPER E190    Yoga I (1 cr.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                  HPER E133    Fitness and Jogging I (1 cr.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                  HPER E233    Fitness and Jogging II (1 cr.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                  HPER E333    Fitness and Jogging III (1 cr.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                   HPER N220   Nutrition for Health 3 cr.)

Spring     Summer    Fall                   Mus X70    University Choral Ensembles (1-2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                    Nurs B108    Personal Health and Wellness (2 cr.)  Restricted enrollment

Spring    Summer    Fall                    Nurs B109    Personal Health and Wellness (1 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                    Thtr  D110   Social Dance (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                    Thtr   D111   Introduction to Latin Dance (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                    Thtr D115     Modern Dance (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                     Thtr D120    Ballet I (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                     Thtr D130    Flamenco I (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                      Thtr D140    Jazz Dance (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                      Thtr D150   Middle Eastern Dance (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                      Thtr D215   Modern Dance II (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                      Thtr D220   Ballet II (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                       Thtr D230   Flamenco II (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                       Thtr D240   Jazz Dance II (2 cr.)

Spring    Summer    Fall                       Thtr D250   Middle Eastern Dance II (2