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Common Core Approved Course Number Designations

Common core courses are denoted by a common course numbering system but with different subject headings.  Hence, courses fulfilling the natural world common core, for example, are identified as N190 or N390, but can be Biol, Chem, Ast, Phys, etc.

 The following course designations are approved for use on IU South Bend campus:

Arts, Aesthetics, and Creativity   (A190/A399) are approved for the following subject designations:

 ENG(A190/A399), FINA(A190/A399,) INMS (A399), MUS( A190), THTR(A190/A399), ANTH (A390)

Human Behavior and Social Institutions (B190/B399) are approved for the following:

ANTH(B190/B399), BUS(B190/B399), COGS(B190), NURS( B399), POLS(B190/B399), PSY(B190/B399), SOC(B190/B399), SPCH( B399), SUST (B399), WGS( B399)

The Natural World (N190/N390)  are approved for the following:

ANTH(N190/N390)  , AST(N190/N390)  , BIOL(N190/N390)  , CHEM(N190)  , GEOL(N190) , MATH(N390)  , DHYG (N390),  PHYS ( N190)

Literary and Intellectual Traditions (T190/T390) are approved for the following:

CMLT(T190/T390), ENG(T190/T390/T191/T192), FINA(T390), HIST(T190/T390),HPSC (T390), MUS(T190/T390), PHIL(T190/T390), PSY (T190),TEL T390, THTR(T190), WGS(T190/T390)

For variable title courses with common core designations already approved, click on the relevant common core approval form:

AAC Proposal Form

HBSI Proposal Form

NW Proposal Form

LIT Proposal Form

For variable title courses that need new common core designations, click on the relevant common core instructions for a new common core course.

Instructions for a New AAC Course

Instructions for a New HBSI Course

Instructions for a New NW Course

Instructions for a New LIT Course