Characteristics of Computer Literacy courses

In the 21st century preparation for life beyond the university surely includes learning how to use computers for a variety of tasks. Some students begin their studies at IUSB with extensive experience in the use of computers, while others lack these skills altogether. Opportunities exist, e.g., through “start-up” classes offered by the Office of Information Technologies, as well as through classes offered for credit, for students to acquire these skills. As part of the general education curriculum the demonstration of competence in the use of computers for a variety of purposes, either through satisfactory performance on a proficiency exam or by the successful completion of a course that provides instruction in the following skills.  

  • knowledge of the basic terminology of computer hardware and software.
  • ability to perform essential file manipulation functions using one or more modern computer operating systems.
  • ability to utilized basic features of common packaged software programs, including word processors, spreadsheets, databases, web browsers, and presentation software.


Source: Adapted from Report and Recommendations, IUSB Task Force on General Education (March 2003).


Computer Literacy  Course Approval Form