General Education

The General Education Curriculum

The campus-wide general education curriculum is composed of three elements and requires a total of between 33 and 39 credit hours of course work.

  1. Fundamental Literacies Courses (13-19 cr.)
  2. Common Core Courses (12 cr.)
  3. Contemporary Social Values Courses (8 cr.)


The Extended Learning component connects course work and extracurricular learning by means of an annual thematic focus and is highlighted by a program of guest speakers and other campus events. The campus theme brings together the efforts of the general education program, the American Democracy Project, the One Book/One Campus initiative, and contributions from the entire range of campus organizations and departments. 


All courses certified as meeting the campus-wide general education requirements for the areas listed below will be designated appropriately in the Schedule of Classes , with the exception of the required course in writing, ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition or ENG-W 140 Honors Elementary Composition.

(All courses are 3 cr. hours unless otherwise designated.)

  1. Fundamental Literacies
    One course from each of the following seven areas, as designated in the Schedule of Classes.

    1. Writing Approved Courses
    2. Critical Thinking Approved Courses
    3. Oral Communication Approved Courses
    4. Visual Literacy Approved Courses
    5. Quantitative Reasoning Approved Courses
    6. Information Literacy Approved Courses
    7. Computer Literacy Approved Courses
  2. Common Core Courses

    One course from each of the following four areas, as designated in the Schedule of Classes , at least one of which must be completed at the 300-level. Note that 300-level Common Core courses may have as prerequisite the completion of one or more of the Fundamental Literacies requirements, and in some cases other prerequisites may also apply. These courses are offered under disciplinary codes.

    1. The Natural World: N 190; N 390
    2. Human Behavior and Social Institutions: B 190; B 399
    3. Literary and Intellectual Traditions: T 190; T 390
    4. Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity: A 190; A 399
  3. Contemporary Social Values

    One course from each of the following three areas, as designated in the Schedule of Classes .

    1. A. Non-Western Cultures Approved Courses
    2. Diversity in U.S. Society Approved Courses
    3. Health and Wellness (2 cr.) Approved Courses