General Education

What is General Education

A general education program is designed to address the following questions: What is an educated person? What should educated people know and be able to do when they graduate from college?

The general education program at IU South Bend establishes a learning environment that serves the academic, civic, cultural, and career needs of an educated citizen within the global community. The campuswide general education curriculum provides students with knowledge of the basic tenets of a variety of academic disciplines and the skills to function effectively in positions of responsibility and leadership. It instills in students an appreciation of the interconnectedness of disciplines, the diversity of human cultures and experiences, self-awareness conducive to personal growth, and a love of learning.

The general education curriculum complements the depth and focus of our major programs and ensures that graduates will have the breadth of experience that enables them to think critically, communicate clearly, act professionally and ethically, and appreciate wisdom and beauty. In this way, it prepares students to be successful in their chosen professions and become valued citizens and leaders within their communities, individually enriched by their studies and stimulated by the spirit of discovery.

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