Bachelor of General Studies Degree

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The General Studies Degree gives you a unique opportunity to develop a multi-disciplinary and carefully focused course of study which fulfills traditional university requirements while meeting your specific goals for a college degree. General Studies Degrees consist of a required number of credit hours earned in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences complemented by a full range of electives earned in any of the colleges of the University.

Completing the B.G.S. gives you basic preparation for many careers and graduate programs. B.G.S. graduates work in various professional fields, including education, law, government, health care, real estate, social service, and private industry. Many B.G.S. students have gone on to graduate programs such as anthropology, business, divinity studies, education, fine arts, international affairs, law, library science, management, nursing, public health, and social work. B.G.S. graduates have earned master's degrees and doctorates at Indiana University and other universities.