DSST Examination Program

For students completing the A.A.G.S. or B.G.S. degrees

Call the General Studies office at (574) 520-4260 for more information or to schedule an exam at least two weeks prior to anticipated test date.  These exams are considered transfer credit. The grade of S (Satisfactory) is recorded on your transcript; failures are not recorded.You must wait 90 days from the last test date to retake a failed exam.  No more than 15 credits toward the AAGS and no more than 30 credits toward the BGS may be awarded for the successful completion of external exams such as CLEP and DSST. Credits earned through DSST are only applicable to General Studies degrees.

General Studies Degree students may take DSST exams in the General Studies Test Center (DW 3205). The cost per exam is $100.00, which includes:

  • $80.00 exam fee for most exams, payable to Prometric by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express); $90.00 for Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • $20.00 administration fee, which will be billed to your IU South Bend student account

Fact Sheets outlining the topics covered, sample tests, and a bibliography for each test are available at:

Official Score Reports

IU South Bend must receive an official score report or an official transcript from Prometric to award credit for the successful completion of a DSST exam.

  • Upon registration, you must enter code 9556 as the Institutional Score Report to have the official score report sent to IU South Bend in order to receive credit
  • Failure to enter 9556 as the Institutional Score Report will result in having to order and pay for an official transcript from Prometric in order to receive credit
  • Receipt of official score reports and posting credit to the IU South Bend transcript can take up to six weeks. If you are taking DSST exams in your final semester, please adhere to the following deadlines:
    • May Graduates: complete exams no later than March 31
    • August Graduates: complete exams no later than July 15
    • December Graduates: complete exams no later than October 31

DSST Exams Accepted by IU South Bend General Studies Degree Program
(NOTICE TO IUSB GENERAL STUDIES STUDENTS: This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of August 1, 2016. Please contact our office at if you have any questions, but always work from the website for the most up-to-date options.)

Exam Title
IU Subject
Arts and Humanities
461 Art of the Western World 48 3 FINA-UN 100
473 A History of the Vietnam War 44 3 HIST-UN 300
471 History of the Soviet Union** 45 3 HIST-UN 300
483 The Civil War and Reconstruction 47 3 HIST-UN 300
474 Ethics in America 400 3 PHIL-UN 100
496 Introduction to World Religions 400 3 REL-UN 100
820 Technical Writing 400 3 ENG-UN 100
Science and Mathematics
500 Astronomy 48 3 AST-UN 100
536 Introduction to Computing 400 3 CSCI-UN 100
450 Principles of Statistics 400 3 MATH-UN 100
512 Principles of Physical Science I 47 3 PHYS-UN 100
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity ($90) 400 3 CSCI-UN 300
Social and Behavioral Sciences
494 General Anthropology 400 3 ANTH-UN 100
497 Introduction to Law Enforcement 45 3 CJUS-UN 300
498 Criminal Justice 400 6 CJUS-UN 100
470 Human/Cultural Geography 48    3 GEOG-UN 100
490 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 46 3 PSY-UN 100
Professional School Electives
530 Human Resource Management 46 3 BUS-UN 100
531 Organizational Behavior 48 3 BUS-UN 100
543 Introduction to Business 400 3 BUS-UN 100
550 Personal Finance 400 3 BUS-UN 100
812 Business Mathematics 400 3 BUS-UN 100
475 Business Ethics and Society 400 3 BUS-UN 300
524 Principles of Finance 400 3 BUS-UN 300
532 Principles of Supervision 400 3 BUS-UN 100
548 Money and Banking 48 3 BUS-UN 300
551 Management Information Systems 400 3 BUS-UN 100
489 Foundations of Education 46 3 EDUC-UN 100
562 Fundamentals of Counseling 45 3 EDUC-UN 100
495 Substance Abuse 400 3 HPER-UN 300
508 Health & Human Development* 400 3 HPER-UN 100
511 Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet 46 3 SPEA-UN 100

*Health & Human Development (formerly, "Here's to Your Health")

**History of the Soviet Union (formerly, "The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union")

This list is provided as a general student reference only, be sure to verify the most current information on the official website:

Important message from DSST Team at

DSST Exam Updates as of July 2016

In our continued efforts to improve DSST, we will be performing a series of exam updates in July. Four DSST exam titles will be improved as a result of our updates. Please review the following information and schedules that are pertinent for each exam.

General Anthropology as well as the Computing and Information Technology exams have been updated, reviewed, and recommended for three lower level credits by the American Council on Education (ACE). We participate in the ACE review process to ensure that DSST exam content is aligned with current course curricula and that it provides value to students who are pursuing higher education.

General Anthropology

(Form Code SN494 & SP494) will be available July 19, 2016.

General Anthropology has been unavailable to test takers since 2015.

Click here to review new General Anthropology Fact Sheet

Computing and Information Technology

(Form Code SN536 & SP536) will be available July 19, 2016.

Introduction to Computing Form Codes SI536 and SO536 will continue to be available until July 18, 2016.

Click here to review new Computing and Information Technology Fact Sheet

Technical Writing will be updated to include only the multiple choice section. Optional essays will no longer be provided. Exam content, including questions and subject outlines, will not change. ACE credit recommendation will not change.

Technical Writing

(Form Code SN820 & SP820) will be unavailable
July 11 – 14, 2016. The exam will be reinstated on July 15, 2016.

Click here to review the Technical Writing Fact Sheet

If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at

Thank you,
The DSST team