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The IU South Bend General Studies Program will move to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) effective July 1, 2012.  This should be a seamless transition for students as the degree requirements will not change.  The graduating class of August 2012 will be the first to receive their General Studies degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Graduation Certification

Graduation is not an automatic process upon the completion of requirements. Students planning to graduate from the General Studies Degree Program must adhere to the following steps:

Meet with Karen Christopher in advance of the application deadline to review remaining degree requirements and establish a plan for completion.  She will provide you with a signed Major department record (Degree Progress Report) that you need to include with your application for graduation.  You can schedule an appointment by calling the General Studies office at (574) 520-4260.Photo of graduates

Meet with your minor department(s) to obtain a Minor department record signed and dated by a faculty advisor to submit with your application for graduation.

Complete GNST-G 400 Senior Capstone Seminar with a grade of C (2.0) or better during the final semester.

Complete an Application for Graduation in accordance with the following deadlines:

May Graduation: October 1
August Graduation: October 1
December Graduation: March 1

Applications for Graduation are available outside the General Studies office, DW 2218 or you can download a copy below.  You will need to attach a current, signed degree progress report before submitting it to the CLAS Student Services Office in DW 3300B.  You will also need to include verification of any minors you've earned. 

           CLAS Application for Graduation

Graduation is not the same as commencement and each has its own requirements and procedures. Graduation refers to the completion of your degree and the receipt of a diploma; commencement is the ceremony the university conducts to celebrate your graduation. Indiana University South Bend conducts commencement once per year. Commencement is held in May for graduates from the previous December and candidates for graduation in May and for the following August. Commencement is coordinated by the Alumni Affairs Office.

Degrees Awarded with Distinction

We recognize outstanding performance in course work by awarding degrees with three levels of distinction:

Distinction - 3.65
High Distinction - 3.80
Highest Distinction - 3.90

In order to graduate with distinction, you must successfully complete 30 graded Indiana University credit hours for the A.A.G.S. and 60 graded Indiana University credit hours for the B.G.S. We do not count remedial courses, courses you have taken on a pass/fail basis, or self-acquired competency credits.

If you graduate with distinction, you will be given special honors cords (fourragéres) to wear at commencement.

Distinction: Crimson
High Distinction: Cream
Highest Distinction: Cream and Crimson