GNST-G 481 Professional Internship

Applying classroom knowledge to real life experiences

WHY consider an internship? To:

  • gain valuable work experience
  • explore possible career paths
  • gain contacts and network with people and organizations who may help the student in the job market
  • enhance a resume
  • earn academic credit

WHO is eligible to do an internship?

  • Students with a minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Students at the sophomore level
  • Approved internship application

WHAT qualifies as an internship?

  • Any work experience that is related to a student’s educational and career goals
  • The key requirement is that the internship involves a NEW experience.  Students can earn credit for their current jobs if they are beginning a new project or activity
  • Internships may be part-time or full-time, paid or volunteer
  • Students may enroll in 1 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) credit hours per semester with a maximum of 12 credit hours toward the degree
  • For 1 credit you must work 35 hours; 3 credits = 105 hours; and 6 credits = 210 hours
  •  **all 12 hours cannot be at the same company (max = 9 hours)**

WHERE are internship opportunities available?

  • Students may find an internship sponsor
  • The course instructor may provide suggestions
  • Internship opportunities are available in the Michiana area and nation-wide
  • Internship opportunities are available in many professional areas including: criminal justice, community services, education, health, government, and private business

WHEN are internships completed?

  • Because work experiences don’t always fit in the typical academic calendar, students may begin an internship any time during the calendar year.
  • Students may, with the course instructor’s approval, count hours worked prior to the semester for which they are enrolled.
  • Internship hours claimed must be concurrent with OnCourse participation and coursework.

HOW does a student earn internship credit?


  1. Confirm with their academic advisor that they have elective hours available. Internships satisfy upper division level elective courses for the BGS.
  2. Discuss the proposed internship with the Course Instructor and obtain necessary paperwork.
  3. Prior to registering for GNST-G 481, a contract between the student and their sponsor (employer) must be completed and returned to the course instructor.  The contract consists of:
    • Title and brief description of the internship.
    • Questions directed to the students (e.g., Why have they chosen this organization?  What do they expect to learn?)
    • Questions directed to the sponsor/supervisor (e.g., What results are expected from the intern?  In what areas will the intern be expected to exercise responsibility?)
    • A mandatory copy of the sponsors’ sexual harassment policy.
  4. Return the completed internship packet at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of classes.
  5. When the student returns their completed contracts, the course instructor will authorize them to enroll in GNST-G 481. The student will not be able to register until they are authorized.  They should receive an email confirming their internship and making them aware that the course is open. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this process.
  6. During the semester, the student submits progress reports, reflections, and/or journals, and supervisor evaluations.  There are 4 mandatory meetings throughout the semester collaboratively scheduled with course instructor and students.
  7. Upon completion, students receive a grade of S (satisfactory) or F (fail).  A satisfactory grade is dependent on completion of attendance and reflection requirements listed above and detailed in the course syllabus.  Students who have otherwise met the terms of the internship, but are unable to complete the required clock hours during the semester in which they are enrolled, may earn an Incomplete “I” grade and fulfill the required hours after the semester ends.

Download the internship contract to get started today!