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Gerontology Minor Requirements

Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in any academic area may pursue the minor in gerontology. Interested students are required to declare their intention and work out a program of study with the program coordinator prior to completing their third course in the program. Students planning careers in gerontologic human service settings complete a practicum or field experience as part of their core requirements; other students may choose the independent research option.

The minor consists of a minimum of five courses drawn from the following list of existing courses approved by the Gerontology Committee.

(All courses are 3 cr. hours, unless otherwise designated.)

Requirements (15 cr.)

Both of the following:
PSY-P 331 Psychology of Aging
SOC-S 331 Sociology of Aging

Select one of the following:
BIOL-L 100 Humans and the Biological World (5 cr.)
PHSL-P 130 Human Biology
PHSL-P 261 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (5 cr.)
PHSL-P 262 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (5 cr.)

Select one of the following:
SOC-S 314 Social Aspects of Health and Medicine
BUS-H 320 Systems of Health Care Delivery
BUS-H 411 Management of Long-Term Care Facilities

The practicum (80-100 clock hours) or independent study requirement may be fulfilled
by enrollment in one of the following [3 cr. hours required]:

NURS-Z 492 Individual Study in Nursing (1-6 cr.)
PSY-P 495 Professional Practice Program Internship (1-3 cr.)
PSY-P 495 Supervised Research (1-3 cr.)
SOC-S 468 Research Problems in Sociology (1-3 cr.)
SOC-S 494 Field Experience in Sociology
WOST-W 480 Practicum in Women’s Studies

The chosen practicum or independent study course content should be directly concerned with older adults, and must be approved by the gerontology coordinator.

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