IMAGINE the educational opportunities that campus funds can provide for student and faculty growth and enrichment.

INVEST in your school, your department, your students.

INSPIRE your campus!

Each year, you support the programs, departments, and scholarships that make IU South Bend a thriving center of learning and leadership. Your investment deepens the impact that IU South Bend has on the lives of your students. We are, in turn, inpsired by our students' visions and growth.

The past ten campaigns, including the 2016 Campus Campaign, has raised more than $1,662,147 total for this campus.

The fundraising goal for the 2016 IU South Bend Campus Campaign is $292,008.

IU South Bend faculty, staff, and emeriti professors helped us surpass our 2016 goal by raising $311,428!

Here are some examples of gifts that will enhance the campus...

Support your favorite departments, scholarships, and capital projects. You may also do this through payroll deduction.

Your gift to the 2017 Campus Campaign is an investment.

Possible scholarships and funds to support:

South Bend Chancellor’s Fund I320003724. Donations to the Chancellor’s Fund are used for scholarships, speakers, outreach, and many other worthwhile projects on campus and in the community. Recently, students in the Honors program were able to travel to Washington DC and with support from this fund, several other students were able to participate in short-term study abroad experiences.

Dr. Alfred J. Guillaume, Jr. International Study Scholarship Fund P370007962. This scholarship is used to support undergraduate scholarships for the purpose of encouraging overseas study by students pursuing a degree at IU South Bend. Impact dollars are matched one to one up to $50,0000!

Titans Feeding Titans Food Pantry I320012482. A fund that supports a student-run food pantry serving IU South Bend Students and staff.

Bicentennial Campaign

To help the regional campuses reach their goals in the bicentennial campaign, President McRobbie has established a university match for donations for newly established scholarships or funds endowments that qualify. Once a gift is fully funded and generating spendable income, an IU match equal to 4.5 percent of the original gift amount will be provided annually. Gifts may be paid over 5 years. What a wonderful way to leave a legacy to our campus. The impact of a donation is doubled with this match. For more information on the Match – please visit

Bequests or other revocable planned gifts qualify for the match, as do newly established charitable gift annuities. Once the gift agreement and matching addendum are signed, the match is reserved.

We will share the progress of the 2017 Campus Campaign with you! We invite you to visit the 2017 Campus Campaign webpage at The site features FAQs, payroll deduction tables, and as always, tax deduction information.

Any Amount to Any Account

Success is measured in two ways: by reaching and passing the monetary goal and then by the strengthening of this campus through your investment. By supporting the areas of the university that mean the most to you, you make a significant IMPACT on projects, programs, research, and scholarship that make IU South Bend a great campus.


Please see our FAQs or contact David Vollrath at 520-4288 or Dina Harris, Director of Development 520-4131.

We are extremely grateful to you. Your generosity helps to ensure that we fulfill our mission to the students we serve.

--Dina Harris and David Vollrath, Co-chairs 2017 Campus Campaign