College of Health Sciences Degree Programs

School of Nursing

This is a great time to be seeking a career in Nursing, and we want you to pursue your degree here!

Dental Education

The mission of the program is to prepare students for the many career roles of the dental hygienist with a bachelor's degree.

Radiological Sciences

The Radiography Program provides our students with a comprehensive education in radiography.

Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is a versatile degree that provides students with extensive preparation for work in any field that addresses people's health.

  • Health Systems Leadership

Mission and Vision

The Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Sciences will be recognized as a leader in the provision of health care services, health education and health promotion.  The College is dedicated to teaching excellence, transformational educational experiences, human dignity and excellence in community service, health care, health education and health promotion. 

The mission of the Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Sciences is to provide a transformational education that prepares professionals who demonstrate excellence in the provision of care and respect for human dignity.

  1. Transformational learning is a revolutionary process that occurs through small, every day encounters and unique perspective-altering experiences.
  2. Excellence in healthcare is exemplified by a commitment to innovation, evidenced-based practice, integrity and a commitment to integrative care.
  3. Human dignity is inherent respect for all persons that encompasses good will, compassion and understanding.

What an exciting time to pursue studies in one of our health profession fields!

Employment opportunities are forecasted to continue to grow throughout the next several decades, as educated health care worker shortages continue to increase. Whether you choose Dental, Nursing, Radiography/Allied Health, or Social Work, your future employment outlook is bright.

The nursing program strives to offer a creative curriculum for meeting the current and future health care needs of society. The curriculum prepares a generalist in professional nursing and serves as a basis for graduate study.

The dental education/dental hygiene program provides education and clinical experiences to undergraduate students for future roles as oral health professionals.

Our radiography program provides our students with a comprehensive education in radiography, to prepare them to enter the radiographic profession as a competent entry-level diagnostic radiographer. Also, offered through Allied Health are preprofessional programs.

Newest school to the College of Health Sciences is the master's in Social Work. A program educating students to be effective and knowledgeable professional social workers prepared for practice in the twenty-first century.

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