General Information for Students

Our students are our pride and joy! Many of them are going to school full-time while also working, taking care of families, contributing to their community, and they are all passionate about studying History!

Our students provide leadership to campus student organizations and put out award-winning publications like Analecta, The Undergraduate Research Journal of History, and New Views on Gender. They also conduct research, either independently or with faculty members, which they then publish or present at regional and national conferences.

Our students broaden their horizons by taking advantage of numerous summer and academic year study abroad opportunities.

Our students enrich the Michiana community. Many of our graduates continue to live and work in this region, putting their educations to work to help develop our community.

In this section, you'll find information about scholarships, undergraduate research opportunities, student organizations, study abroad opportunities, career and graduate school information. 

We've also included campus calendars, advising resources, labs and lounges and Student Links.  You'll find these very helpful!

This area is for you, browse each section and let us know if you'd like something added!