HLC Reaccreditation

Campus Conversations (Causeries) on the Self-Study

The "causeries" are informal gatherings at the home of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs where the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and a small group of faculty and staff meet to discuss themes and issues that have emerged from our campus Self-Study process. These sessions are wide-ranging conversations that bring together our best resource, our people, to devise solutions to problems or strategize new innovative ways to use the resources we have at hand. Each meeting is structured around a single theme. Minutes for these meetings follow:

10 June 2006: Creating collaborations in the university and breaking down silos

11 August 2006: Assessment across the university

6 October 2006: Academic Excellence in the face of budgetary constraints

10 November 2006: Programmatic initiatives in times of budgetary constraints

26 January 2007: Revisioning Summer School

9 February 2007: Mission and Identity

28 September 2007: Junior Faculty Perspectives on the Campus Future

29 February 2008: The HLC Team Report and Where to Go Next

3 October 2008: Retention

7 November 2008: Advising Practices