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HLC Reaccreditation

Steering Committee

Executive Committee

  • Alfred Guillaume, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Eileen Bender (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • Rebecca Torstrick (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • David Vollrath (Business and Economics), President, Academic Senate
  • Linda Fritschner, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Criteria One: Mission and Integrity
  • Linda Fisher (Library), Co-Chair
  • Lyle Zynda (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • Alfred Guillaume (Academic Affairs), Administrative Liaison
  • Criteria One Sub-committee Members
Criteria Two: Planning for the Future
  • Peter Bushnell (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • Cynthia Sofhauser (Nursing/Health Professions), Co-Chair
  • Bill O'Donnell (Administrative & Fiscal Affairs), Administrative Liaison
  • Criteria Two Sub-committee Members
Criteria Three: Teaching and Learning
Criteria Four: Discovery
  • Margaret Scanlan (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • Andy Schnabel (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • Salina Shrofel (Research and Graduate Programs), Administrative Liaison
  • Criteria Four Sub-committee Members
Criteria Five: Engagement and Partnerships
  • Sushma Agarwal (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Co-Chair
  • Bruce Wrenn (Business and Economics), Co-Chair
  • Ilene Sheffer (External Affairs), Administrative Liaison
  • Criteria Five Sub-committee Members