HLC Accreditation | Pathways to Accreditation

There are several pathways to HLC accreditation. IU South Bend will use the Open Pathway, which is for institutions that have been accredited for at least ten years, have not undergone major changes, and do not have a history of sanctions or major concerns.

The Open Pathway accreditation review has two basic components. First, the institution is required to conduct a self-study to determine if the five criteria have been satisfied and file a report on its findings with the HLC. A team of HLC consultant-evaluators will visit the campus in 2017 to verify the accuracy of the self-study report and offer suggestions. This is called the Assurance Process.

Second, the institution proposes and completes a Quality Initiative that meets its present concerns or aspirations. Institutions may design their own QI, choose one from a menu of topics, or participate in an HLC-facilitated program. The proposal for a QI is peer-reviewed. At the end of the initiative or in Year 9, the institution sends a report to the HLC, which is peer-reviewed.