HLC Reaccreditation

IU South Bend Self-Study Time Table

Fall 2004 Prepare Mission Statement.
Prepare draft of Companion Document Addressing HLC Concerns.
Visit HLC with strategic plan and companion document draft.
Appoint self-study committee and begin data collection.
By end of October, criteria co-chairs will have identified needed members and constituted their committees.
October 29, 2004 Steering Committee Meeting.
By end of December, the criteria committees would have defined their territory and begun collecting relevant data and documents.
Januaary 2005 Strategic Plan and Companion Document due to HLC.
Spring 2005 Attend HLC annual meeting April 8-12 in Chicago (self-study workshops).
Sub-Committees will have completed their process of identifying relevant data and locating any gaps to be resolved.
Fall 2005-Summer 2006 Goal for the year: To collect and analyze data and write completed criteria committee working papers by the end of May, that over the summer will be reworked by Self-study co-chairs to create the first draft of the IU-South Bend HLC Self-Study.
September 15, 2005

1. Determine final membership of your criterion committee. Get commitments to fill any vacancies, and submit a final list including affiliation of each member. These will be posted on our web page.

2. Prepare your Criterion Committee “work calendar” for 2005-6. Schedule your first meeting with your committee in the month of September. At this meeting, you might find the pamphlet, “HLC: Institutional Accreditation: An Overview” useful to go over with your committee members (copy in your binder). Let us know the time/place of that first committee meeting so we can try to attend for at least part of that meeting to answer any questions. At this meeting, you’ll want to divide up assignments to subgroups of your committee members. This will be posted on our web page.

October 15, 2005 Your criterion committee members should have completed any document reviews needed (Mission Differentiation, Strategic Plan, reviews of sample self studies from other institutions, review of resource listings) and should be ready to prepare subgroup work calendars for the year. Please provide these work calendars to us for posting on the web site.
November 15, 2005 You should identify campus units, offices, individuals who should be tapped for source material--not only data and documents, but key issues, plans for the future, etc. You may wish to meet as a committee with individuals responsible for areas relevant to your criteria and core components: these should appear on your calendars or be added to them, to maintain a complete record of your preliminary work.
December 7, 2005 Be prepared for the visit with Bob Appleson, our HLC liaison
January to March 2006 By this point, you should have collected the data you needed and should be involved in the process of analysis and discussion with your subgroups and larger criterion committee. Any new data that you require will be collected during this time period (focus groups, surveys, interviews with key campus informants). Each group should develop its own internal reporting guidelines and process so that the actual writing of your draft working paper begins in a timely fashion.
March 31-April 4, 2006 HLC annual meeting in Chicago
April-May 2006 Produce your final draft of your criterion working paper. This must be turned in to the Co-Chairs no later than May 31. This is NOT a flexible deadline—it’s final.
June-August 2006 Co-chairs take completed drafts and rework to create first draft of entire self study by mid-August. The other three members of the drafting committee will review, edit and comment on this draft by the end of August.
FALL 2006 Final draft of self-study completed. Campus review and discussion of draft begins.
SPRING 2007 Report to Academic Senate.
Self-study published.
Executive summary written and published.
SUMMER 2007 Communicate with team.
Send them materials.
Set-up visit: reserve rooms, prepare schedules, arrange computers and printers, travel arrangements.
FALL 2007 Finalize visit details.
November 12-14, 2007 HLC Consultant-Evaluator Team is on Campus