Requirements for Current Students

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Honors students service project-Nov. 2015 "Cleaning with Meaning"

To remain in good standing and to graduate with an IU Honors Diploma, current Honors Program students must:

-Maintain a 3.3 cumulative IUSB GPA

-Enroll in an Honors course each semester (including designated honors courses or converted honors course)

-Receive a grade of B+ or higher in all honors courses taken

-Enroll in H100 within the first year admitted

-Take a minimum of 18 credit hours of honors courses before graduation

-Complete 10 hours of service per semester

-Remain active in the program by attending a minimum of three honors events per semester, including, but not limited to, group outings, service projects, Honors Club events, etc. Click here for the:  Honors Program Verification Form

Click here for the Honors contract