Honors Club

Students who work to maintain academic excellence now have a club on campus which allows them to meet other students, like themselves. All members of the Honors Program are admitted as members of the IU South Bend Honors Club.  The purpose of the Club is to provide students in the Program with a community of like-minded individuals as well as a social outlet for rest and relaxation.  The Club serves to promote collaboration among its members and to encourage new student participation.   It also encourages students to be involved on campus and within the local community.  In short, the Club helps build relationships and social networks among some of the most highly motivated students and faculty on our campus—a benefit that will serve students well long into the future as they seek employment and admission to graduate and professional school programs.

As a group, club members have group study sessions, movie nights, pizza parties, and they take trips.  For instance, Honors students have taken all expense paid trips to the Art Institute in Chicago as well as to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. While club activities are not mandatory, they are very strongly encouraged and will contribute to a more fulfilling college experience. 

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Renae Michalski