Learning Communities at River Crossing

Housing and Residence Life sponsors three learning communities.  These are groups of students who wish to live near each other and engage in cocurricular activities that center are a topic or issue.  Learning communities are based out of a specific house and residents are encouraged, although not required, to live in that house.  Each learning community has a Resident Assistant assigned to be a peer mentor and a faculty member assigned to advise it.  The learning communities will alll work together as one group to plan and travel on an Alternative Spring Break for the second semester. Each community is named after a titan from Greek mythology that represents the topic these communities will explore

PrometheusPrometheus Student Success Learning Community

Prometheus is the titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humankind.  This is often interpreted to mean that Prometheus gave humans the desire to learn and create.  This learning community will focus on successful behaviors that lead to graduation.  Topics will include study and time management skills, learning styles, faculty interactions, and learning through serving others.  This community is based in Whitewater House.  The Resident Assistant assigned as the peer mentor for Prometheus is Lowell Ritter and the Faculty Advisor is Joshua Rubin.

AtlasAtlas Intercultural Learning Community

Atlas is the titan who holds the world upon his shoulders.  The goal of this learning community is draw national and cultural groups together into meaningful dialogue to improve understanding and respect.  Participants will focus on community building, intercultural and international issues, diversity awareness, and service learning.  This community is based in Bridge House.  The Resident Assistant assigned as the peer mentor for Atlas is Jose Magallon and the Faculty Advisor is Heather Jones.

GaiaGaia Sustainability Learning Community

Gaia is the titan representation of "Mother Earth."  She represents care for community and the earth.  The goal of the Gaia community is promote earth and community sustainability.  This learnign community will focus on environmental education, reduce/reuse/recycle efforts, local community outreach, and experiential learning.  This community will partner with the Sustainability and Wellness Club to maintain the community garden in River Crossing.  This community is based in Creek House.  The Resident Assistant assigned as the peer mentor for Gaia is Ian Spink and the Faculty Advisor is Deb Marr.

For more information, email and ask about the learning communities.