Paying for Housing

Handling the finances for your River Crossing suite

It's so convenient (and fun) to live in the River Crossing residences on the IU South Bend campus, but, it’s important to remember that part of living on campus is making arrangements to pay for your residence. Before each semester, we post your housing charges to your student account. These are due and payable in full on the dates designated by the Bursar Office. These costs cannot be paid at the end of the semester.

College expenses and how your payments are dispersed
When you owe money for your semester expenses, your payments are allocated in the following order:
Mandatory fees
Course-related fees

You cannot designate a payment for housing until all your other semester expenses are met as outlined above.

Deferment payment plans
If you are not able to pay your bill in full by the invoice due date, you may enroll in a standard university deferment payment plan. This arrangement must be made before your bill’s due date. The deferment plan allows you to make monthly installment payments on your bill. A minimum payment is required, which will be shown on your QuickPay e-bill. If you use a deferment plan, you must make your final payment as follows:
Fall semester: by December 1
Spring semester: by April 5

Summer housing charges are posted before the beginning of the Summer term and are payable in full by May 15 or the first day of Summer term, whichever comes first.

Students who fail to make their installment payments on time each month may lose their campus housing.

We’re here to help you
You may be eligible for financial aid including scholarships, grants, or loans that can help with your expenses. Check with the Office of Financial Aid for more information. It’s important to remember that your housing costs must be paid on time regardless of whether or not your financial aid has been credited to your student account.

Bursar Office
Administration Building, Room 100
Fax: 574-520-5001
Financial Aid Office
Administration Building, Room 157
Phone: 574-520-4357

The following are a few suggestions to help you stay on top of your financial arrangements with IU South Bend:
Check your student account and OneStart To-Do List.
Check your IU South Bend email often.
Contact university administrators if you have questions.
Review flags and holds placed on your account.
If you are receiving a loan, be sure to accept it in OneStart.
If you are a new student receiving a loan, make sure you sign your loan promissory note and complete your entrance interview.