Unless you're living in a single, you will be sharing some space with a roommate. We would all like to be best friends with our roommates. Even if you don't end up being best of friends, you can create a positive environment where you can live together. Sometimes it's hard to talk about differences. Roommates need to recognize and resolve personal differences early in the relationship. Talk about your values and your lifestyle so that you can find out where your differences exist. Talk to your roommates to learn more about each other's background.

Remember, the RAs and staff of River Crossing is here to help you get involved and be successful at River Crossing, so talk to your RA if you'd like advice on how to talk to your roommate. Below are some documents that we use to help roommates head off any problems and create a positive living environment from day one.

Roommate Bill of Rights
Roommate Agreement Form


Tarik Swanson

Tarik Swanson, S.B., Criminal Justice, Freshman

"I'd bring friends here to see the housing. It sold the campus to me. And I don't have a bad professor."