Safety and Security

We take your safety and security seriously.  Firstly, your unit can only be accessed with a card key that is issued to residents of that unit.  Secondly, your suite is also electronically locked and coded to your card.  Lastly, your room is keyed to your key only and will not open for your roommates.

We also make sure that there are people you can call if you need help.  Resident Assistants do rounds through all of the building every night.  They can be reached by the RA Duty phone which is carried by an RA during their duty shift (5pm-8am).  The duty phone number is posted in the common areas of all units and is given to residents when they arrive.  At River Crossing, we have 6 emergency blue light phones that dial directly to the IU South Bend police department.  These are positioned so that there is quick access from every unit.  You can also call the police if you have safety concerns that are not an emergency 24 hours a day at 574-520-4239.  Emergencies of course, should be called into 911!

Also from 8pm to 10pm, an IU South Bend Police Security Officer staffs a desk at the Community Center.  That officer is available for security concerns and to help you!

Lastly, each resident is responsible for his or her own security, as well.  Please remember to lock your sliding glass doors when you are not at home.  Also, propping the exterior doors to the units is not permitted except on special days like move in and move out days.  Leaving your own suite door open is a great way to let people know your home and want to meet people, but you should definitely close it when you aren’t at home.

You can find more safety and security tips, advice, and information here.