housing resident studying on her bed in her apartment

Current Housing Availability

Housing and Residence Life would like to share with you the exciting opportunities that are available for new and returning students in housing. 

For the upcoming academic year, are introducing specific living communities which will offer our new and returning residential students the opportunity to live in houses where our resident assistants will focus on your needs and development.  We know that you have already made the transition to life here at IU South Bend, so now we can intentionally focus on other items you need- be it career preparation, a quiet academically focused area, and of course your personal and social development.

Upperclassman living communities will be housed in Crew, Bridge, Watershed, Creek, and Portage.  The same single, double or quad options will still be available.  Our three Themed Houses will be located the following areas:

  • Honors (Freshmen Cohorts only)

  • Atlas (Intercultural)

  • Gaia (Sustainability)

  • Prometheus (Academic Success)

The opportunity to live in a themed house will be available to you.  Living in any of these houses will provide an even more intentional living and learning experiences.  We do hope that you take advantage of the incredible benefits offered within these various themed houses.

We know this is different than what you may be used to.  We hope that you are excited and willing to take these steps forward with us towards making Housing at IU South Bend a place for student success.  In addition to focusing on your success, we will also be creating First Year living communities where we can focus on first year students and their transitions and development.  These students will be housed in Whitewater, Oxbow, and Riverview.  We hope that when you live with us next year, you can help us in further developing our new residents with your experiences and successes.

When you live on campus with us, you aren’t just signing up for “an apartment”, you’re signing up for safety and security, programming, community, convenience, friendships, shared experiences, our dances and so much more that can only be offered here at River Crossing. 

Your success is our success, and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can.