College Transition

Transitioning to college is tough.  The classes are harder.  The schedule is nothing like high school.  Your student may not have class until 2pm on Monday and Wednesday, but have an 8am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  No one is there to wake him or her up in the morning and no one is there to give a homework reminder, either.

Also, when there is a suitemate conflict, it may feel horrible or scary and they may call you in a panic.  We're here to help.  Our staff are here to help mediate conflicts and help students learn to talk with each other even when there is a problem that feels unworkable.

Most IU South Bend students are over the age of 18.  This means they are legally independent, even if they are not financially independent.  One of the many great things about college life is that it is practice for being completely independent.  We'll help students navigate conflicts, paying bills, getting disciplined to get their work done correctly, and how to come up with more complex strategies for dealing with difficulties. 

Our goal is not just helping students earn a degree, but also help them gain life skills that will make them more successful in their work and personal lives.

We're here to help.