Move-in Checklist

  • Check out our list of what to bring with you
  • Check our Facebook page for an updated list of activities and events.
  • Attend Welcome Week activities on campus and in housing, including your first building meeting. Your RA will help you connect to others in the community and give you more information about living in housing.
  • Get involved in Community Council, the representative student organization of students who live in housing.

Room Assignment Information
Room assignment information is sent via e-mail the third week of July for new Fall Semester residents and the second week of December for new Spring Semester residents. After those dates, room assignments are sent out weekly as needed.
The e-mail includes your building, suite and bedroom assignment. You’ll also be provided with the e-mail addresses of your new roommates. Go ahead and e-mail them – don’t be shy! Start out with introductions and talk about what you’re each bringing to share and decorate.  

Information about obtaining a residential parking permit is available here

Moving In

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