Human Resource

Policy on Counter Offers

Indiana University South Bend employees are occasionally approached by outside institutions and offered positions of employment. Likewise, some Indiana University South Bend employees may even seek employment offers from other organizations with the specific goal of obtaining a counter offer from Indiana University South Bend. Indiana University South Bend strongly discourages employees from seeking employment offers from other institutions for such purpose.

Counter offers from Indiana University South Bend should be rare and unusual, and in all cases, will require approval of the Chancellor.

As a rule, the university will only consider a counter offer when there is a demonstratable salary inequity relative to comparable peers within Indiana University South Bend or relative to a similar position within Indiana University South Bend's previously identified group of peer institutions. Campus policy will be to avoid making counter offers which create internal inequities. If the salaries within a discipline or work unit are not externally competitive, then a plan to address all of the affected employees should be developed.

This policy applies to faculty and appointed staff who are not part of a collective bargaining unit.

Approved: Chancellor's Staff, November 13, 1997