Human Resource

Policy on Appointed Staff Starting Salaries

This policy applies to appointed Professional and Clerical/Technical staff positions.

Starting salary offers consider: (a) competitive starting salaries offered outside Indiana University South Bend; (b) salaries of any comparable appointed staff employees within Indiana University South Bend; and (c) the individual new hire's qualifications for the position.

Starting pay rates for newly appointed clerical/technical/non-exempt staff employees is listed on each respective job posting. Starting salaries for new appointed professional/exempt staff employees should typically be in the first section of the salary range. A new employee who meets the minimum qualifications of the position should receive a salary as close to the minimum as possible. Starting salaries beyond the minimum require that the employee's qualifications exceed the minimum required qualifications. A reasonable differentiation should, if possible, be maintained between the new hire's starting salary and the salaries of comparable appointed staff employees.

Designated positions reporting directly to the Chancellor have the authority to approve starting salary offers up to the market reference.

The Chancellor's approval is required to set a starting salary above the market reference. When a starting salary is set above the first section of the salary range, it is expected that the new employee will become a strong contributor within several months. When a starting salary is set at or above the market reference, the new employee's qualifications should be exceptional and the new employee should be expected to immediately make a significant contribution to Indiana University South Bend.