Human Resource

Policy on Posting Of Promotional Opportunities

Indiana University Personnel Policy for Appointed Support and Professional Staff #3.1, "Advertising a Position" states: "It is the policy of the University that when it intends to fill a vacant Staff position, it will determine the level (campus-wide, the occupational unit, or the department) at which the position will be advertised and to then advertise the position in a manner that will allow qualified individuals within that level the opportunity to apply."

Occupational unit heads may make lateral transfers within the occupational unit as provided by Indiana University policy #3.1, "Advertising a Position."

While Indiana University policy empowers occupational unit heads to decide when to promote from within the occupational unit, Indiana University South Bend policy limits this discretion.

Within-occupational unit promotions are not intended to benefit marginally performing or marginally qualified employees. The occupational unit head should exercise the discretion to promote from within the occupational unit only when the existing employee is performing the work successfully and is otherwise qualified.

All within-occupational unit staff promotions which are part of a reorganization proposal must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Affirmative Action. It is Indiana University South Bend's intent to assure that members of under-utilized groups are included based on their job performance and qualifications.

Approved: Chancellor's Staff, October 27, 1998