Bachelor of Science - Informatics

Online Informatics Degree (B.S.)

If you’re interested in a career in Computers and Information Technology, IU South Bend can prepare you for success. You’ll study with Informatics faculty who are experts in different information technology specialties, including software engineering, network computing, programming, database systems, and applications development, all in a dynamic global environment.

Informatics is the art, science, and human dimensions of information technology. It is information technology applied to human problems. Informatics as a discipline is closely related to, but distinct from, such fields as computer science, computer information systems, information science, and other traditional disciplines related to information technology.

Informatics is more general, basic, and applied than any of these related disciplines: more general, in that it emphasizes breadth across issues in all of the related disciplines, and includes social and ethical issues regarding the information revolution — as well as more basic, in that it examines foundational questions about the very nature of information and computing — and it is more applied, since the aim is to produce qualified information technology professionals to meet the rapidly rising need in industry, government, and the non-profit sector.

Careers in Informatics

Our Informatics graduates find employment in a wide array of information technology areas. Qualifications for specific employment options vary depending on the structure and nature of an individual’s program of study. The possibilities include such positions as:

  • Web Developer
  • Database analyst
  • Software developer
  • Medical Informatics Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Bio-informatics and bio-technologist
  • Data mining specialist
  • and many more.


Required Courses

Elective courses

The degree includes 9 credits of Informatics electives.

Specialization areas

The Online Informatics degree will have a cognate (or area of specialization) that each student must choose.

Degree Map

Four-Year Academic Plan for a Typical Online Informatics Major (All courses are assumed 3 credits unless otherwise specified):

Freshmen (Fall Semester)

  • INFO-C 100 Informatics Foundations
  • INFO-C 112 Tools of Informatics
  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics
  • General Education
  • General Education

Freshmen (Spring Semester)

  • INFO-C 210 Problem Solving and Programming 1
  • INFO-C 201 Math. Foundations of Informatics
  • INFO-C 203 Social Informatics
  • General Education
  • General Education

Sophomore (Fall Semester)

  • INFO-C 211 Problem Solving and Programming 1
  • 300 Level Statistics
  • General Education
  • Science
  • Science

Sophomore (Spring Semester)

  • INFO-C 307 Data Representation and Org.
  • INFO-C 300 Human Computer Interaction
  • General Education
  • General Education (2 cr)
  • Science (4 cr)

Junior Year (Fall Semester)

  • INFO-C 413 Web Design and Development
  • INFO-C Elective
  • General Education
  • General Education
  • Cognate 1

Junior Year (Spring Semester)

  • INFO-C 399 Database Systems
  • INFO-C Elective
  • General Education
  • General Education
  • Cognate 2

Senior Year (Fall Semester)

  • INFO-C 450 System Design
  • INFO-C Elective
  • General Education
  • Cognate 3
  • Cognate 4

Senior Year (Spring Semester)

  • INFO-C 451 System Implementation
  • INFO-C 452 Project Management
  • General Education
  • Cognate 5
  • Cognate 6