Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research serves the IU South Bend campus by acting as a resource for data, research, and the assessment process.

We provide raw data, summaries, and reports about the institution to members of the campus community. This data provides the basis for planning and decision making by the administration, faculty, and staff at IU South Bend.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Biniam Tesfamariam.


The Office of Institutional Research endeavors to cultivate a culture of evidence at IU South Bend and become the primary office for information and research on higher education in support of decision making.


The Office of Institutional Research will assure the institutional effectiveness of Indiana University South Bend by providing timely information and research for institutional decision makers.


  1. Enhance institutional effectiveness through strategic planning and institutional assessment.
  2. Promote academic success, access, and affordability for students in higher education by informing the campus community’s decisions through the practical application of research.
  3. Expand institutional research capacity through appropriate resource allocation and professional development.
  4. Anticipate or respond quickly to the information needs of the campus community.