Strategic Planning at IU South Bend

Chancellor Allison asked the Campus Directions Committee (CDC) to develop a strategic plan during the fall semester 2013 as part of a university-wide strategic plan for 2020, the bicentennial of Indiana University.

The IU South Bend plan contains: (1) a vision statement, (2) strategic objectives to achieve that vision, and (3) measurable goals. The CDC held 10 meetings and sought input iteratively, distributing drafts of earlier sections for comments via the campus Bulletin Board. Dr. Renée Curry, a strategic planning consultant, facilitated the efforts of the CDC.

As input to the Strategic Plan, a survey was completed by 222 respondents who shared their views on three questions: three essential elements of a vision statement, three-to-five essential strategies to achieve the vision, and two-to-three measurable goals for two of the strategies. These responses were analyzed and categorized by Gail McGuire, associate professor of sociology, and distributed to the campus via the Bulletin Board.

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