Voluntary System of Accountability [VSA]

The VSA is a voluntary initiative developed by the higher education community to meet the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate accountability and stewardship to public
  • Support institutions in the measurement of educational outcomes and facilitate the identification and implementation of effective practices as part of institutional improvement efforts.
  • Assemble and disseminate information that is transparent, comparable, and understandable
  • Provide a useful tool for students during the college search process

Information provided on

  • Find out more about the characteristics of the students at IU South Bend
  • See how many students applied, accepted, and enrolled at IU South Bend. Learn more about students’ high school preparation and test scores.
  • Learn about costs to attend IU South Bend and how much financial aid is typically awarded.
  • Estimate the cost to attend IU South Bend
  • Learn more about professors, where students live, and campus safety at IU South Bend.
  • Discover ways to be actively involved in a student's education – inside and outside the classroom.
  • See which majors are most popular at and what recent graduates plan to do after earning their bachelor's degree.
  • Discover how many students starting IU South Bend finish their bachelor's degree and how long it takes.
  • Figure out what learning gains to expect in critical thinking, writing, and other important subjects at IU South Bend.

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