International Education Week November 14 -18, 2016

International Programs interns will be tabling in Wiekamp Hall 10am-4pm the week of the 14th for International Education Week.

Pop-up Performance Schedule:

Monday November 14th at 12pm: Travel to the Middle East & join the International Student Organization members to taste traditional tea and learn about Middle Eastern culture.
Tuesday November 15th: Fly to Asia, hear a presentation about Asian dress, and take pictures with international students in their magnificent attire.
Wednesday November 16th: Join us for the finale! African students will bring down the house with an exciting drum and dance performance.

It will be an incredible journey around the world. We hope to see you there during our International Education Week.

For more information on International Education Week, check the Office of International Student Services website.

A full list of International Education Week speakers can be found here.

Celebrating International Films

In honor of International Education Week, we've asked faculty, staff, students, and International Programs interns to list their favorite international films.