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Pictures, information, & all things Oaxaca 2014 Study Abroad program at IUSB!


Wordpress  London Edinburgh Trip 2013 - WordPress Blog

Pictures and the personal blog postings of the student travelers describing their experiences on the 2013 IUSB London Edinburgh trip!


Costa Rica Trip 2013 - "My Experience was Phenomenal" by Calla Couch

My experience in Costa Rica in the spring of 2013 was phenomenal.  The Indiana University South Bend professors and the directors at the Academia de Español Nicoya took care of every detail so that all we had to do was enjoy the beauty surrounding us and learn as much as we could.  All of the people we met there were very generous and willing to struggle through the language barrier with us.  The family I stayed with was generous with their home and was very interested in getting to know about my family and my life.  The sunshine and weather were beautiful.  One of my favourite memories from the trip was when one of the Indiana University South Bend students I was with climbed a tree and picked fresh, delicious mangos for everyone.  I have not traveled outside of the United States very much so the idea of traveling has always been exciting but a little intimidating to me.  However, the professors, directors and host families took such good care of us that I was never wanting for anything.  This experience has given me confidence in my ability to overcome the difficulties that traveling may include, like air travel, changing time zones, language barriers, different customs and unfamiliar monetary systems.  I am now more excited than ever to explore the world.  Thank you so much for your donation, which allowed me to put my fears at ease and encouraged my sense of wonder for this beautiful, diverse world.


Mexico Trip 2013 - "My Trip to Mexico" by Chaise Cope

My study abroad experience was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to live with a host family that I will truly miss; I got very close to my host mother, Josefina. Monday thru Friday I had classes at the Insituto Cultural Oaxaca. In the mornings I would have my Spanish class, where I learned to communicate with my professor who did not speak English. To experience a language firsthand has helped me tremendously; I would be struggling with my current conversation class if I had not traveled to Mexico.  In the evenings I took cooking classes at the institute, I learned how to make traditional food from Oaxaca. I even used older forms of cooking such as a grindstone.  Almost every weekend I would travel with my group to see historical sites, ancient ruins, museums, crafts, and new cities. I love history, and it was so exciting to see so many sites that I could not see in the United States like the temples (pyramids) in Teotihuacan. I went to several festivals where I was truly able to experience the spirit of the people of Oaxaca in their dances and parades, and by seeing the different artists selling their crafts. I bought painted animals called alibrijes from the Mezcal festival; they are supposed to represent dream animals.  The people in Mexico were very understanding when I tried to communicate; I expected them to be upset that I was not fluent. My group even went to an orphanage to deliver cake and piñatas, the children were so excited to see us and wanted as much attention as they could get. I made relationships with my fellow students at IUSB that will last a lifetime.  I hope that I will be able to travel to Mexico again to experience the culture and beauty. Receiving this scholarship changed my life.  Thank you, Chaise Cope