Living and studying in another country, whether for a summer, a semester, or a full year, can enrich your education and help you prepare for a career in today's interconnected world.



Travel Dates: March 8-15, 2018

Application Deadline: December 15, 2017

HSC-N390: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (3 cr.)

The Dwyer College of Health Sciences in cooperation with the Office of International Programs, offers a spring break program studying culture, history, health-related data, and providing health education and preventive health screenings to the people of Belize The program is partnered with Heart to Heart and will be located in the city of San Ignacio, Belize.

Students admitted to the program will register for Spring semester course number HSC-N 390 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. This course fulfills the Natural World Common Core general education requirement. Additionally, students in Master of Public Affairs program can register for POLS-Y 594 with department consent.

Why go?

  • Once in a lifetime experience
  • Make a difference in a child's life
  • Natural World Common Core General Education requirement; MPA graduate requirement
  • Cultural experiences

Program Fees

The program will include all meals, hotel, excursions, and airfare. The total price for the one week program is $2,750 plus three credit hours of tuition and fees during the spring semester; and $29.90 for student health insurance.


The application is due November 30, 2017 and a non-refundable deposit of $300 is due December 15, 2017. The balance must be paid in full or by commitment from Financial Aid by January 17, 2018.

O Canada: Gender, Human Rights, and Society – Montreal and Ottawa

Join us for a new, affordable and exciting trip to Canada in spring 2018. Students will learn about Canadian concepts of rights and freedoms, including Indigenous people’s, women’s, LGBTQ, and refugee rights. We will also study contemporary approaches to reconciliation and justice in Canada, as well as policies on immigration, multiculturalism, health care and family. Ten-day travel to Ottawa and Montreal will take place between spring semester and Summer Session I. Ottawa is the beautiful, green capital of Canada, while Montreal is renowned for being the old center of French Canada, with café culture and vibrant multicultural neighbourhoods. We are planning an exciting line-up of activities: sightseeing, public art, tours of Parliament, conversations with local experts, Indigenous walking tours, hands-on history and more! Take advantage of banded tuition! No extra tuition fees will be incurred for students studying full-time in spring semester at IU South Bend. Students will enroll in WGS-B 399: Gender, Human Rights, and Society (3 Credits).

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Travel Dates: March 8 - 18

Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

SOC-B399 Sustainability in Costa Rica

SOC-S362 World Societies and Cultures: Costa Rica

Travel in beautiful Costa Rica, “the Green Republic,” as you learn about environmental conservation, the challenges of eco-tourism and the principles of sustainable development. Explore environments that range from volcanic cloud forest to tropical coastline as you learn about efforts to preserve the natural beauty and diversity. Stay with families in a small city rich in traditional culture and home to some of the longest-living people in the world. Improve your Spanish in small conversation classes from beginning levels to fluency. Teach English and provide health information during a stay in a nearby rural community.  Open to all majors and all language levels. Students will enroll in ANTH-B399 Sustainability in Costa Rica.

Learn more about the Spring Costa Rica trip!

SUMMER 2018 Trips

Florence, Italy
Drawing and Sculpture


Travel Dates: Summer 2018

Application Deadline:  TBA

FINA-S 497: Independent Study in Sculpture (3 cr.)
FINA-A 399: Art, Aesthetics and Creativity (3 cr.)

The Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, in cooperation with The Office of International Programs offer an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself for four weeks in the rich culture and art of Florence and Tuscany. During the weekends there will be field trips and onsite classes to various Tuscan towns, and other regions. These classes may be used as an elective for many non-art students, and for a degree requirement for most art students. The estimated total cost of the program will be $4,700 plus 6 credits tuition at IU South Bend.

This program will be conducted in cooperation with the Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA).

Learn more about the Florence trip.

Athens, Greece

Travel Dates: Summer 2018

Application Deadline: TBA

Trip Pricing: $3,000 (Includes airfare, room & board, meal plan, etc.)

BUS-B 399: Business & Society (Tuition not included in trip pricing)

Explore applied principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability from a Greek/European perspective, in Athens-Greece. Participate in experiential learning, comprised of visits to corporate, government, and NGO offices.  Enjoy cultural excursions to marvel in the glory days of ancient Greece, the birthplace of Democracy. Take BUS-B399, a Gen Ed course, during a 4-week trip with travel dates during Summer II, 2018.​ Estimated costs $3,000. Students will enroll in BUS-B 399: Business & Society (3 Credits).

Learn more about the Athens, Greece trip.

Icelandic Land Ethics: Sustainability of Natural-Based Resources

Come learn about the sustainable practices of Iceland’s natural-based resources amid her growing tourism market. Explore Iceland’s rich history as it pertains to the development of a deep and abiding land ethic among her inhabitants. Stay in a postcard-like setting on Holar University College’s campus nestled in a lush valley between two large mountain ridges in the north central region of Iceland. Enjoy excursions to witness fire and ice at its best, as well as the creatures that live there: seals, puffins, whales, and others. Students will enroll in SUST-B399 (3 credits).

Travel dates are May 28-June 10, 2018. Estimated costs $3500.00.

Exploring International Healthcare Systems – Sweden  

Explore Sweden’s health care system, which is ranked by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as one of the best healthcare system in the world.  Learn key facts about this countries historical and social development, governance (healthcare law, monitoring and policy, and county councils), financing, and private and public healthcare services. Stay in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.  Enjoy cultural excursions in the land of the Vikings!  Spring course with travel dates May 18-26, 2018.​ Estimated costs $3939.80. Students will enroll in HSC-L 330 or POLS-Y 594 (3 Credits).

Japan and Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Application Deadline: TBA

EALC-E 350: Studies in East Asian Society
ENG-W 250: Writing in Context: Travel Writing

This overseas program begins with a ten-day cultural journey within Japan, with stays in Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as a visit to Osaka. We then fly to Hong Kong, a former British colony and a gateway to China. From Hong Kong, we’ll make a brief visit to the former Portuguese colony of Macau, with special attention to its UNESCO World Heritage sites. Throughout the trip, we’ll focus on culture and history through visits to museums, temples, and famous historic sites. There will also be time for you to explore experiences and aspects of the culture that are of particular interest to you, whether that would involve interactions with the people, pursuit of a hobby or other longstanding personal interest, or an exploration of food culture. We will observe and reflect on East-West connections, as well as ways in which the present interacts with the past in these countries. The East Asian content of the program will provide a good general background for understanding the places we will visit. For the writing component of the program, you will each focus on one theme, issue, idea, or practice that can be observed or experienced throughout the trip. Before departing for Tokyo, you will do some initial research on your chosen topic; then, during the travel portion, you’ll take down written observations, photograph details, and collect materials. After our return to the U.S., you will meet in classroom workshops to write and revise your personal travel narratives. In the end, you will produce a small illustrated book in which you thoughtfully share your memories regarding that one selected aspect of your travel experience.

Dublin and Derry, Ireland

Costa Rica

Travel Dates: June 9- June 24, 2017

Application Deadline: TBA

ENG-T 190: Literary & Intellectual Traditions
POLS-B 399: Human Behavior & Social Institutions

Explore the ancient and the modern in Ireland / Northern Ireland with IU South Bend International programs during Summer 2018. On this trip to Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and Derry (Northern Ireland), students will tour castles, take in stunning coastal views, and learn from some of Ireland’s leading scholars. Pre-trip, students will take two IU South Bend courses fulfilling general education common core requirements; in ENG-T 190 the focus is on Ireland’s celebrated literary culture and divisive history, including the migration of many Irish to the United States. In POLS-B 399 students will explore the impact of globalization on Ireland’s largest cities and their residents. Students will enroll in ENG-T 190 (Everyone’s Irish) and POLS-B 399 (Urban Politics and Policy).

Learn more about the Dublin and Derry, Ireland trip

Oaxaca, Mexico


This is a unique opportunity to spend four weeks studying language, history, culture, and society in Mexico. Students enroll in six credits of IUSB courses. The Spanish courses are taught on the campus of the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. The institute is located in a lovely 19th century estate surrounded by private gardens in the colonial center of the city. Details about the courses associated with this class are coming soon.

Learn more about the Mexico trip.


Berlin and Prague

Prague Castle

Hist-T 190: World Literary and Intellectual Traditions
ENG-A 399: Art, Aesthetics and Creativity


This study abroad course explores two fascinating European cities: Berlin and Prague. Three weeks of coursework at IU South Bend will focus on the history, literature, culture, and art of Berlin in Prague. Then in 15 days in Europe, students have a chance to visit these cites and experience the history first hand, for example to explore the Prague castle where Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II conducted scientific experiments or walk with the lines on the ground that marked the former Berlin wall.

Learn more about the Berlin and Prague trip.

London, England

Big Ben in London


ENG-T 390: Literary and Intellectual Traditions (3 cr.)

Take a boat ride down the Thames river; enjoy high tea in Queen Anne’s 18th century greenhouse; walk amongst the tombs of kings and poets in Westminster Abbey; see the Crown Jewels sparkle at the Tower of London. These are just some of the experiences that students will have on our trip to London during spring break 2017—all while earning 3 academic credits for ENG-T390. The class will meet until spring break and then students will spend 8 days in London exploring sites that are related to the course theme, including Kensington Palace, the Bank of England, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Royal Observatory. This program is open to all students.

Learn more about the London, England trip.


All study abroad programs require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 or special permission.


In addition, IU South Bend students can take advantage of the more than 70 programs administered by IU's Office of Overseas Study.