A note for 2008 Mexico Program

Cuernavaca Trip

by Lisa Richards

I loved Mexico! The whole program is exceptional. My ten year old daughter went with the group and she had a blast, too! We both took language classes at Universal and attended various excursions. I can say that the food was wonderful, our family made us feel very welcome. I learned a great deal about Mexico and its people in a short amount of time. It was enough to help me to decide that I would very much like to return next year!

Lisa Richards


by Bailey Richards, age 10

When I went to Mexico I made a lot of new friends. All of the teachers were very nice. I learned a lot of Spanish. The school was beautiful. They had a pool, computers, and a ping-pong table for kids. The field trips we went on were all fun. I learned a lot about Mexico and the people. One night there was a fiesta at the school. There was great food and music. There were also Mexican dancers that came. The family that we stayed with had a daughter about my age and we did a lot of things together. Our family was very nice to us.

Bailey Richards


More Pictures in the Mexico Trip

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