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Judicial Affairs

Personal Misconduct Complaint Form

This form should only be used for personal misconduct complaints. For academic misconduct please use the academic misconduct complaint form.

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*Last Name
*First Name
Are You ...
Student  Staff  Faculty  Community Member 
*Name of School and College Department or Community Affiliation
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Name(s) of
Student(s) Involved
*ID # of Student
*Student E-mail
Course Name/Title
Course Number
Faculty Member
Teaching the Course
Is This ...
Personal Misconduct (On University Property)
Personal Misconduct (Off University Property)
^HRL Violation Tobacco ViolationSAC Violation
Date of Incident
/ / (mm/dd/yyyy)
Did You Follow Up With the Student(s)?
(Please Check All
That Apply)
I have NOT contacted the student yet.
I spoke to the student in person
I spoke to the student by telephone
I contacted the student via U.S. Mail
I contacted the student via e-mail
Summary of Incident
(Please include specific details of misconduct)

Housing Address If HRL Complaint