Office of Student Conduct Appeals Process


Academic Misconduct Appeals

A student has the right to appeal any of the following decisions concerning an alleged act of academic misconduct:

  • The faculty member’s decision that the student committed the act of misconduct
  • The faculty member’s decision to impose a particular academic sanction
  • The decision of the Director of Student Conduct to impose an additional sanction
For more about the appeal process, visit the Academic Misconduct Appeals page.

Personal Misconduct Appeals

A student has the right to request a hearing commission meeting if they feel due process has not been followed or disagree with the outcome of the conference. You have ten (10) days following the receipt of your decision letter from your informal conference.  A hearing commission can either lessen, abide by or increase sanctions imposed by the Director of Student Conduct. The institution may be represented by legal counsel if it so elects.

For more about the appeal process visit the Hearing Commission Application page.