World Language Studies Welcomes You to New Experiences

Through the study of foreign languages, students acquire both linguistic skills and an understanding of the literature, history, and culture of people around the world.

Students also come to view their own culture in a more critical light. Language study is thus extremely valuable in the real world, leading to fulfilling careers and enriched lives.

Academic Programs

World Language Studies offers three undergraduate degrees: French, German, and Spanish and three minor options: French, German, and Spanish. In addition to undergraduate degrees and minors, there are also three interdisciplinary minors: East Asian Studies, European Studies, and Latin American / Latino Studies.

Undergraduate Degrees 

Courses in online format are excluded from approval, except for courses previously authorized by the Department of World Language Studies. Please contact Dr. Oscar Barrau, Department Chair for details.


Interdisciplinary Minors

Course Descriptions

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Current Courses Offered

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Study Abroad Programs

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Job Opportunities  

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