Library Student Advisory Council

Your Voice Matters

It is important to us at the Schurz Library and Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons that we hear from you!  We are setting up a Library Student Advisory Council (LSAC) as a forum to solicit your feedback, ideas and advice concerning library resources, services and policies. 

The Library Student Advisory Council (LSAC) meets once each semester for lunch at either the Schurz Library or Wiekamp ERC.  Membership should represent diverse campus perspectives, with representation from the Student Government Association, different colleges, undergraduate and graduate programs, and colleges, as well as other student groups.  Committee members serve at least one academic year and may continue longer.

How LSAC helps the Libraries

  • Strengthens communication between the Libraries and students
  • Helps library administrators understand student’s information and research needs
  • Brings ideas and issues to the attention of the Libraries
  • Provides feedback on enhancing policies, services, collections, and spaces
  • Recommend ways to promote library services to students
  • Participates in survey development and usability studies
  • Advocates for the Schurz Library and Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons 

Participation can enhance your resume; provide connections for future references; provide the chance to meet new friends; and, of course, provide two free meals a year!

Want to join us?

Just fill out our quick online application form and let us know a little bit about you. It's that easy!

Last Reviewed: 03/2014